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Company Profile

About Pumice Auto Parking System​

Pumice Auto Parking Systems is a part of Pumice Infra Group, and the owner, Prashant Patil, has over 10 years of experience in infra and auto parking systems. He is a dedicated person who is passionate about providing the best service to his customers.

Pumice Infra & auto parking system is a manufacturing company that consists of a team of professionals specializing in customized car parking systems& pre-engineered building with technical and practical skills.

As a leader in design, customized car parking system & manufacturing, and erection of modern car parking system & pre-engineered building structures for industrial sheds, warehouses, and infrastructure, Pumice auto parking system aims to be recognized as the leader in the industry. The company will achieve this vision by consistently delivering high-quality products &service to customers, offering personalized service, and committing to excellence .

We specialize in offering customized system and provide guidance and advice from the project’s concept to help our customers plan and optimize parking according to their requirements.

Our product range caters to all kinds of parking, including pit ,ground, vertical, and horizontal systems, and we have solutions for all.& customer-friendly technology ..

Our manufacturing setup, located in the industrial town of Dehugaon in Pune district, has a manufacturing capacity of 1500 car parking pallets annually. We have corporate offices in Mumbai. HO& factory in Pune, which are fully equipped with our sales, service, and installation teams, to provide our customers with the best service.

Why Pumice Auto Parking System​

Choosing the Pumice Auto Parking System​ can offer several compelling reasons for individuals, businesses, and urban planners looking for efficient, innovative, and sustainable parking solutions:

Advanced Technology: Pumice Auto Parking System​ leverages cutting-edge technology, including sensors, robotics, and artificial intelligence, to deliver state-of-the-art automated parking solutions. This ensures smooth and hassle-free parking experiences, eliminating the frustrations of searching for parking spaces.

Optimal Space Utilization: With its automated parking solutions, Pumice maximizes parking space utilization. By efficiently stacking and arranging vehicles, they can significantly increase the number of vehicles parked in the same area, making it ideal for urban environments with limited space.

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